Thursday, April 25, 2013


there are millions types of different people in this world
Different people have different style of learning
Some can do it fast within a night, apply and forgot the next day
Some need to do it for so many nights, failed to apply and yet forgot the next day

Yet, i am the second type..
So if you are first type person, don't tell me to use your way, or think your way
simply it does not apply to me

We are people with different level. Indeed that's true
but yet people are looking at us using the same ruler, same benchmark..


Mental strength got weaker..and weaker and weaker
Need to get out to boost some..@@

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I just hope everything ends soon..

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Chinese New Year

It's the end of second day of this year Chinese New Year
My parent is leaving tomorrow
Of course my mum don't really want to leave
She preferred to stay here for a longer time
But yet my dad feel it's boring here
He should get back and work

Guess what when you are stuck in between them..@@
Of course you will pity of your mum when all your mum's sister or my aunts la..
Asking you to beg your dad to stay for a longer around
But who don't know who my dad is?
He always insist with what he is doing..
Somehow la like the Emperor
No one should go against him

I also can't do anything for now..
Such a short time with them..

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am learning to live in my own way
To be able to live without anyone
Not relying on anyone else

The world might not be mine but my life is..

Monday, December 10, 2012


Closing the first chapter 
With the opening of a new chapter


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Finally made it to Phuket after 5 months staying here in Thailand.
Departed around 8.20pm from Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok
12 hours journey to reach Phuket Bus Terminal 2
It was a tiring journey since the seats were not really comfortable 
Since we were in a budgeted trip and tried to save up as much as we could

We actually bought a package tour from a travelling agency
It costed 3300 Baht for each of us
Inclusive of 
2 Night Accomodation
Tour around Phi Phi Island in a Ferry Cruise
Tour around Phang Nga Bay in a Sea Canoe
5 hours tour around Phuket Town
Picking us up to and from the Phuket Bus Terminal 2
Breakfast and lunch for 2 days

We started the whole trip with the 5 hours tour around Phuket Town
We were brought to a top hill to have a look at the Phuket Town
Nothing much interesting here
Just an ordinary town

  View of Phuket Town 

 Acting like kids..LOL

 We were brought to Wat Chalong
Temple in Phuket
We spent only 30 minutes here
Just a normal temple like all other temples here in Thailand
 This was in Phromthep Cape 
Where you can take picture all around 
If you have good camera that can get rid of those backlight..=.=
Which I don't have..

 This one was taken in Karon Viewpoint

We stayed in a hotel called Mussee Kata Boutique
It was 2000 Baht for each room
Good and comfortable rooms for us

 They even provided a swimming pool and jacuzzi together at the top floor of the hotel
So you can just enjoy your time there if you feel like not going to anywhere

 We spent at the same place with alcoholic drinks and snacks at night too..
1st time experience to do so..
It would be great if the water can get warmer

We went for the ferry cruise around Phi Phi Island the next morning
Had breakfast at 6.30am and left hotel around 7am
Kinda disappointed with the tour because we don't really have chance to get down to the island or beaches to take photos
It would be totally different if we chose to take speedboat which is more expensive
We were given 1 hour for snorkeling before heading to Phi Phi Island
Snorkeling is pretty boring too since there is nothing to see
Dead corals and little fish to swim around there..@@

 Viking Cave

 Phi Phi Island Pier

We went for the Phang Nga Bay Tour the next morning
Took a 1.5 hours boat trip to reach James Bond Island

 My Cover Photo in Facebook now..:D

 James Bond Island..:D

 Random Picture at James Bond Island

We went to Hong Island whereby you get into a sea-canoe and go around those beautiful lagoons
You get to see the sunshine strikes into those lagoons and it looks like somehow paradise too
This tour is pretty much more interesting as compared to the ferry cruise
Don't really have to worry if you never canoe before
There will be a guy that helps you to travel around the lagoons in the sea canoe
They help you to take photos around too
Just give them some tips at the end of the trip
They definitely deserved those tips too..:D

 Tried to paddle on my own
Thanks to OBS..haha
I have no problem with this..:D

Went up to Mangrove tree there too..:D

Departed from Phuket at 8pm
Reached Bangkok in the next morning at 8am

P/S: Spent a total of 6466 Baht for all the trip expenses inclusive of souvenirs and shirts bought..:D